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DMP_1518a 800.jpg

Portugal, the Algarve

David Mather ©
DMP_2214a Melodious Warbler
DMP_2190a Nightingale
DMP_2187a Nightingale
DMP_2176a Nightingale
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DMP_2183a Nightingale
DMP_1440a Pochard
DMP_2157a Sardinian Warbler
DMP_1480a Serin
DMP_1392a Crested Tit
DMP_1458a Fan-tailed Warbler
DMP_1690a Goldfinch
DMP_1486a Great White Stork
DMP_1522a Avocet
DMP_1609a Spoonbill
DMP_1453a Melodious Warbler
DMP_1470a Iberian Azure-winged Magpie
DMP_1490a Whimbrel
DMP_1518a Greater Flamingo
DMP_1626a Spoonbill
DMP_1534a Greater Flamingo
DMP_1641a Crested Lark
DMP_1597a Sykes's Yellow Wagtail
DMP_1705a Hoopoe
DMP_1710a Hoopoe
DMP_1733a Purple Gallinule and Great White Egret
DMP_1752a Great Crested Grebe
DMP_1768a Marsh Sandpiper
DMP_1773a Turnstone
DMP_1788a Whimbrel
DMP_1786a Whimbrel
DMP_1798a Black-winged Stilt
DMP_1821a Great White Stork
DMP_1804a Kentish Plover
DMP_1876a Red-rumped Swallow
DMP_1821a Great White Stork
DMP_1806a Sardinian Warbler
DMP_1833a Greater Flamingo
DMP_1967a Crested Lark
DMP_1949a Crested Lark
DMP_1963a Stonechat
DMP_1970a Stonechat
DMP_1975a Corn Bunting
DMP_2034a Bee Eater
DMP_2050a Short-toed Eagle
DMP_2146a Corn Bunting
DMP_1401a Spanish Marbled White
DMP_1853a Spanish Festoon
DMP_2139a Clouded Yellow
DMP_2127a Green-striped White
DMP_2083a Corn Bunting
DMP_1436a Sand Broomrape
DMP_1879a Festoon Z.r. rumina sub.sp_
DMP_1863a Cleopatra
DMP_2141a Small Copper
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