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Spain, the Picos

David Mather ©
DSCN2731a Lago de la Ercina, Cavadonga Lakes
DSCN2732a Lago de la Ercina, Cavadonga Lakes
DSCN2737a Lago Enol, Cavadonga Lakes
DSCN2739a Lago Enol, Cavadonga Lakes
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DMP_3328a Eurasian Griffin Vulture
DMP_2962a Eurasian Griffin Vulture
DMP_3312a Goshawk
DMP_2893a Rock Bunting
DMP_2984a White Wagtail
DMP_3047a Wheatear
DMP_3313a Goshawk
DMP_2897a Rock Bunting
DMP_2904a Redstart
DMP_2951a Wheatear
DMP_3049a Wheatear
DMP_3039a Chough
DMP_3051a Chough
DMP_3064a Black Redstart
DMP_3034a Redstart
DMP_2996a Crag Martin
DMP_2883a Hummingbird Hawk Moth
DMP_2885a Hummingbird Hawk Moth
DMP_3269a Hummingbird Hawk Moth
DSCN2745a Box Moth
DSCN2747a Box Moth
DSCN2749a Box Moth
DSCN2743a Box Moth
DMP_3015a Large Blue
DMP_3251a Berger's Clouded Yellow
DMP_3244a Berger's Clouded Yellow
DMP_3280a Arron Brown
DMP_3259a Speckled Wood, sub sp. aegeria
DMP_3254a Arron Brown
DMP_3275a Red Admiral
DMP_3320a High Brown Fritillary
DMP_3340a Yellow and Black Salamander
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